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Friday, December 30, 2011

TIRAMISU using Graham Crackers with Mango and Banana :)

TIRAMISU is an Italian cake and dessert, it is literally means "picked me up". As what its meaning says, anyone who could try eating TIRAMISU will never stop picking a slice of it.

There are many ways of making a TIRAMISU and different ingredients used as toppings as long as it described its origin as a layered dessert or cake.

I used to make Tiramisu during Christmas and New Year here in Cebu, Philippines. I used Graham Crackers, Condense Milk, All-Purpose Cream, Mango for Toppings and I twist it now, I added a slice of Banana.

Here's How I Made It:

1. First, I prepared the Ingredients I needed for my Tiramisu

2. Mixed the Condense Milk and All-Purpose Cream.

3. Stir Well the Mixture.

4. Layer the Graham Crackers into the dish

5. Scoop the mixure of Condense & All-Purpose Cream over the Graham Crackers
    Smooth out.

6. Add the slice of banana and mango over the layer.

7. Scoop half of the mixture of condense and cream over the layer.

8. Add another layer of Graham Crackers, and continue the same process.

9. Finish Product.

10. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours but I prefer for more than 2 hours for delicious result.

"An easy and healthier way that could really satisfy your tiramisu craving stomach."

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